We have a responsibility to the planet to preserve trees but saftey does come first.

What We Can Do For You

You have a "Duty of care" for others.

Tree Related Mortgage/Insurance Reports

If there are trees on or near to properties then mortgage and insurance companies will require an assessment of the implications for direct and indirect damage and any recommendations for tree work now and in the future.

TPO and Conservation Area Tree Reports

We assist you by producing reports to support proposed tree works to trees within Conservation Areas or subject to Tree Protection Orders (TPOs).
All tree work recommendations will comply with the relevant British Standard BS3998 Tree Work - Recommendations (2010), unless otherwise specified in a report, with a clear justification for any deviation from the standard.

BS5837 Tree Surveys, Tree Reports and Method Statements

If there are trees on or near to properties or land that are subject to planning applications then the Local Planning Authority will request a Tree Survey and an Arboricultural Impact Assessment. This will need to be fully compliant with the British Standard BS5837 (2012) Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction

Tree Health and Safety Surveys/Reports

This is a survey of trees either individually or sometimes as a group. This is undertaken using VTA inspection techniques pioneered by Professor Claus Mattheck. The survey will record tree locations, identification numbers, height, crown spread, crown height, stem diameter, life stage and condition.

The tree will be tagged with a small ID number.