Tree Surgeory

We have the tools, experience and the staff.

A tree may need pruning for a whole variety of reasons. It might be necessary to cut out diseased or storm-damaged branches, to thin out the canopy to encourage new growth and to improve air circulation. You might want to reduce the height of the tree or remove lower branches that prevent light from going where you want it. You might even consider the reshaping of a tree for aesthetic reasons.
  1. Crown Raising
    This is a procedure that removes the lower branches of a tree to allow light to penetrate beneath it. This can be to improve a view from a window or to allow more light to strike a greenhouse or bed for example. Done correctly, the tree is left to recover with a fighting chance.
  2. Crown Reduction
    This is a highly skilled process where the tree canopy is carefully resized, while maintaining its proportions. Branches are removed only from areas that will not inhibit the tree's ability to thrive and many established trees are rejuvenated by this process. The result is a smaller visual impact while retaining the original's charm and shape.
  3. Crown thinning
    Tree canopies can get overgrown. The result is that light and air are excluded from the centre of the plant with the resultant risk of infection and rot setting in. Removal of excess growth in a way that encourages the remaining wood to thrive and retain the tree's natural shape is a technique that takes a good deal of understanding.
  4. Felling / Dismantling
    Sometimes it is in the best interest of everyone for the tree to be removed as it may be dead, dying or dangerous, we do this in the safest way possible. With a great knowledge of rigging systems working in tight areas is a safe and productive process.