Garden Maintanence

We take pride on the appirence of you garden with our reputaion.
Let us take care of your garden chores while you do something you enjoy. We can maintain part or all of you garden from hedge trimming or even reducing in height to weed control and even an autumn clear up before winter sets in. We are always happy to help.
  1. Hedge Cutting
    There is a satisfying feeling in making a hedge look crisp and sharp, whether it be reducing in height or trimming , we can also remove unwanted hedges and grind the stumps out with our stump grinding service
  2. Weed control
    This practice entails applying the right product at the right time to control target weeds. This is often called IPM (integrated pest management).
  3. Autumn Tidy
    Autumn can be a busy time of year in the garden, so we offer our services to help clear up all those loose ends weather it be loose leaves or garden waste we can dispose of it in a professional mannor.